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Circo Nagual

Our circus takes its name from naguales

This mythical creatures appear in large zone of México, sometimes as supernatural and terrible beings and some others as a protective spirit living within humans. In any case its presence make us, at the same time, shiver and fascinate us with its voice to surrender our will. 

Our company recalls its name, we adopt the nagual as a totem guiding our creative processes and inspires us with its dual virtues, its capacity to transmutate and its origins in imaginary realms. Imitating a nagual allow us to navigate the borders between dream and wakefulness in order to extract the material that ensembles our work.

Latest news

AUGUST: Circus wokshops in our ecological farm, 2nd and 3rd weekends of august.

SEPTEMBER: Artistic residence in Casa dil CIrco Contemporaneo, Torino, Italy.

AUTUMN: Professional classes in Cirko Demente, México City.


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